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Avreo's interWORKS Complete Radiology Workflow Solution transforms the way radiology businesses operate by incorporating every step in the radiology workflow into a single application with a single database. Using interWORKS, hospitals, imaging centers, and radiology providers alike benefit significantly from an increase in efficiency and productivity, while reducing costs at many points in the workflow.

Complete Radiology Workflow Solution

interWORKS manages every aspect of your radiology workflow from order entry to report distribution in a single application eliminating the need to juggle software applications to locate the appropriate information. These radiology workflow services include:

  • Advanced patient scheduling and front desk registration.
  • Tech QA to review images for quality, sequencing, and positioning, then correct any errors before submitting the study to the interpreting physician.
  • Diagnostic, clinical, and mammography viewing.
  • Digital dictation or voice recognition template dictation.
  • Template-based transcription.
  • Electronic report signature.
  • Automated report distribution via fax, email, and network printers.
  • Referring physician access.

Excellent Service to Referring Physicians

Although providing high-quality patient care is a primary goal of every radiology department, interWORKS can help your healthcare facility provide excellent service to referring physicians. With interWORKS, radiology workflow starts and ends with the referring physician:

  • Schedule imaging orders using interWORKS' robust scheduling capabilities, then scan any important documentation so all authorized healthcare professionals, including referring physicians, can access this information.
  • Automatically distribute diagnostic reports to referring physicians via fax, email, or network printer based on each referring physician's preferences.
  • Provide referring physicians with access to reports images via the web. If authorized, referring physicians can also access preliminary dictations before the interpreting physician electronically signs the report.
  • Designate referring physician groups and physician consult rules to provide appropriate patient information to affiliated referring physicians.

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eRAD PACS is a flexible, standards-compliant, web-based, workflow management solution designed for centralized and distributed imaging environments. Consolidate all radiology exam information including images and reports from multiple systems into a centrally managed work list, accessible using off-the-shelf browser technology. eRAD PACS provides complete PACS functionality, including data acquisition, long-term storage, high availability, disaster recovery and advanced diagnotics viewing.

eRAD PACS Offers:

  • Optimum reliability and performance
  • User friendly work lists with role-specific tools for performing event driven tasks
  • Leading edge security
  • Simplified, in-demand expandability
  • DICOM and HL7 support
  • Reliable work list consolidation and event driven workflow
  • Turn-key solution for high-volume sites
  • Conditional archiving options across multiple storage facilities
  • Customizable configuration, integrating multiple RIS, EMR, PACS and other systems
  • eRAD PACS viewer capabilities with advanced imaging tools

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