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GR - General Radiography


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GR - General Radiography


Shimadzu RadSpeed Auto


General Radiographic System

To simplify the general radiography examinations required for various techniques, the ceiling type X-ray tube support features excellent operability and incorporates an LCD touchpanel to set both the exposure parameters and Anatomical Programs (APR).

In combination with the Bucky table interlock functions, these features reduce the labor required for examinations. The system provides a comfortable examination environment for operator and patient alike.

Setting the Conditions Next to the Patient Enhances Sense of Security

Communication between the generator control console and the X-ray tube support, permits exposure parameters and APR to be set and changed on the X-ray tube crane. The combination of operations from a clear color LCD display with unique advanced APR functions allows rapid setting of the parameters.

These system functions have been developed in response to user demands to be able to make settings while continuing optimal patient care.

Design Concept Pursues Durability

The Bucky table can support 295 kg (650 lbs). The ceiling-traversing overhead X-ray tube crane coupled with the Bucky table ensures easy operation and features a highly rigid construction and a durable shock-absorption mechanism. RADspeed is a high-reliability radiography system that offers extreme longevity for the X-ray department.

Superior Generator with High-Frequency Inverter Technology

Shimadzu's general radiographic system is equipped with an advanced generator designed state-of-the-art high-frequency inverter technology. The 50kHz high-frequency generator consistently produces sharp and crisp X-ray images, an achievement attributable to the advanced generator's higher quality X-ray output with a very small kV ripple and highly accurate timer control.

These characteristics, inherent in a high-frequency generator, reduce radiation dose to patients by eliminating lower energy X-rays (soft X-rays), making it superior to and safer than other types of generators (e.g. twelve-pulse generators).

Shimadzu generators feature an operator-friendly function called Sequential Multi-directional Radiography. This feature allows a radiographer to enter and utilize up to seven sequential preset parameters in memory. The intelligent system automatically steps to the next preset exposure factors at the end of every exposure. This unique function is another Shimadzu innovation that enhances productivity and user-friendliness.

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RADspeed MC

Ceiling-Suspended X-ray Tube System

A ceiling-suspended X-ray tube system with a wide range of movement that allows excellent imaging, technique flexibility and easy access to the patient. This enhanced flexibility is ideal for imaging centers that demand high productivity to meet fast patient throughput.

  • Long Vertical Travel and Smooth Operability. The long vertical travel range (1600mm) provides sufficient SID (Source Image Distance) for images in the supine position as well as for low position images in the standing position.
  • Heavy Duty Height-Adjustable Bucky Table with Four-way Floating Table Top. Patient positioning is made easier with the extremely smooth-moving table top. The unit's minimum height of 535mm makes it easy for old and young patients alike to get on and off the examination table. The BK-120MK includes a Bucky device with a cassette tray and grid.

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Floor Mounted Radiography System

  • Perfect for high volume orthopedic, hospital and outpatient facilities
  • Elevating four-way float table with 700 lbs lift capacity
  • Floor-mounted tubestand with nine-foot rails
  • Digital display of SID and tube angle
  • Electronic tomography (optional)
  • Fully upgradeable with Canon CXDI DR Imaging Systems

Perfect for high-volume hospitals, orthopedic and outpatient facilities. Its high-speed generator and digital imaging system reduce exposure time and improve productivity, making it ideal for a demanding diagnostic imaging environment.

The floor mounted tubestand has nine-foot rails and a telescoping tube arm. The manual collimator with laser light also comes along with digital display of SID and tube angle, as well as an optional tomography feature.

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Overhead Radiography System

  • Perfect for high volume orthopedic, hospital and outpatient facilities
  • Elevating four-way float table with 700 lbs lift capacity
  • Heavy duty overhead tube crane with motorized vertical movement
  • Digital display of SID and tube angle
  • Auto-tracking capability (optional)
  • Fully upgradeable with Canon CXDI DR Imaging Systems

The RadPRO® OTX Overhead Radiography system is perfect for busy hospitals and outpatient centers. This system is equipped standard with a high frequency generator (100kHz), four-way float table (700 lbs capacity) and heavy duty overhead tube crane that allows for easy, efficient exams needed by today's high volume hospital imaging departments.

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Universal Radiography System

  • Perfect for ER, OR, Trauma and ICU environments
  • Small form factor without any loss of function
  • Electronic readouts of SID and angle
  • Movements can be controlled from four different locations
  • Fully upgradeable with Canon CXDI DR Imaging Systems

The RadPro® URS Radiography System has been designed as a world-class direct digital imaging system for use in ER, Trauma and all general radiology applications. The C-Arm design maintains constant alignment between the X-Ray tube and image receptor regardless of C-Arm tilt position or image receptor angle. Its extraordinary flexibility makes the system ideal for all patients in standing, sitting or lying position, including those who are disabled or physically restricted.

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Universal Radiography System (Straight Arm)

  • Straight-arm positioner with small form factor
  • Quiet motorized movement for SID and vertical elevation
  • Automatic detents for higher throughput
  • Intelligent anti-collision systems
  • Fully upgradeable with Canon CXDI DR Imaging Systems

This Straight Arm Positioner is ideal for high volume chest rooms, outpatient, orthopedic and hospital environments. The small form factor allows placement in smallest of rooms, while the motorized movement for SID and vertical elevation is extremely quiet.

For added safety, the unit incorporates sophisticated “collision avoidance" electronics. High throughput is achieved with automatic detents. The collimator on the straight arm positioner can move up to 80" out and 18" in. It moves manually with a concentrated laser light line. The system is easy for patient positioning with automatic detent at table height.

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RADspeed MF

Floor-mounted X-ray Tube System

The System MF series is Shimadzu's general radiographic system for compact floor-ceiling/wall mounted tube support installations. Designed to exacting specifications, the RADspeed System MF delivers high-performance, high-quality, and cost-effective operation in a superior general radiographic system.

  • Generator Equipped with High-Frequency Inverter Technology. The RADspeed MF general radiographic system is equipped with an advanced-level generator designed using state-of-the-art high-frequency inverter technology, which produces sharp and high-contrast X-ray images. User-friendly Sequential Multidirectional Radiography functions allow the operator to register and then utilize up to seven sequential preset memory parameters.
  • Space Saving Concept. The compact, space-saving high-frequency generator and tube support provide greater working space and flexible layout.
  • Easy and Quick Positioning of X-ray Tube. Tube positioning can be performed easily and quickly with the fine-tuned counter weight balance mechanism.

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AMRAD is known for innovative development and quality workmanship in radiographic systems and components. AMRAD products help physicians provide top-quality health care for their patients every day.

Engineering At Its Best

Designed for years of reliable performance, the AmradClassic FT is a deluxe radiographic system ideally suited for private office settings, orthopedic clinics and small hospitals. The system is distinguished by the versatile four-way, float-top table with welded steel pedestal base.

The optional elevating table feature provides the ultimate in safe, comfortable patient transfer and positioning. Combined with a full-featured tubestand and wallstand, the rugged FT is an exceptional orthopedic system.

Float-top Tables

  • Linear bearing system "floats" the patient in four directions for quick, effortless positioning.
  • Generous table-top workspace allows for easy and comfortable patient positioning.
  • The smooth, quiet lift mechanism of the optional elevating table feature provides a vertical range of 22" to 33" and permits effortless transfer of stretcher, wheelchair, casted or geriatric patients up to 400 pounds.
  • Recessed foot controls within the table base offer convenient and safe hands-free operation.
  • Fail-safe transverse table-top locks provide a stable mounting surface and ensure patient safety by remaining locked even during power outages.
  • Easy-access electric lock control allows quick positioning of the grid cabinet with fine-line grid.
  • Optional reciprocating bucky effectively eliminates grid lines on images.

Orthopedic Tubestand

  • Precision stainless steel bearings travel on durable steel tracks for easy positioning of the x-ray tube.
  • Extensive vertical and horizontal travel allows the tubestand to extend beyond the table ends for a wide range of radiographic exams, including weight-bearing and chest procedures.
  • Column rotation capability and tube trunnion rings permits unrestricted cross-table imaging.
  • Transverse motion mechanism enables tube positioning off table center (+/- 5") for complete tabletop coverage.
  • Centering detent provides for quick, precise repositioning of the tube.
  • Angulating x-ray tube facilitates chest exams and other off-table procedures.

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